12 months transitory period for Online Gaming in Romania

12 months transitory period for Online Gaming in Romania

As Gaming Consulting and their partners warned, the licensing of the online gaming operators in Romania would have been an impossible mission in 2015 in the absence of a “transitory period” for this kind of activity. Thereby the government would have missed it’s objective to tax and regulate online gaming in first half of 2015, operators would not have full access to Romanian market and players would have been affected by the long uncertainty period.

The situation was solved based on observations and suggestions made by Gaming Consulting and its partners, after discussions with significant actors involved in the gaming industry.

Therefore, the primary legislation in the field of gaming in Romania will get some amendments that would allow the “pre-licensing” of the online gaming operators for 12 months with a reduced set of requirements and by paying in advance the taxes for the 12 month period. This 12 period is intended to unlock the online gaming market as fast as possible, and give time to interested operators to comply with all requirements in order to get the 10 years license. Among these requirements, we have the technical ones ( mirror and safe servers, reporting and infrastructure ) and the audit, certification and testing requirements.

There are 10 main requirements that an operator must comply in order to enter the 12 month period, and the most important are: paying in advance taxes for the 12 month period, having a key official in Romania, opening a bank account in order to guarantee for player funds.
To get the complete list of requirements and for any other question, please write us an email at office@gaming-consulting.ro

Next steps for licensing of the online gaming operators in Romania are the approval of the primary legislation with the amendments and finalizing the secondary legislation. After this process ends,operators will be able to apply and get the 12 months license.